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  • The epic Cape Epic.

    The epic Cape Epic.

    I can remember a time not long ago when people would rarely utter the word “epic.” When they did, it was usually referencing an unplanned overnight bivy on a snowy peak, or a weeklong death march hike where food and water became scarce and weather wreaked havoc on plans and routes.  Finding oneself at total […]

  • Ironman South Africa

    Ironman South Africa

    With a wonderful couple weeks slipping by already, I wanted to take a quick moment to recap my race in South Africa. When I won the race last year, I was on a mission to prove to myself that I could execute a solid Ironman again after two disappointing races in 2015 with Texas and […]

  • Health and wealth

    Health and wealth

    Looking back on my childhood, the foundations of my financial future were being laid even as I lived the halcyon existence of youth, marked by riding bikes, building forts, and pushing to stay outside as long as I could while my mom called us in for dinner. Of course, at those young ages, it was […]